Gergely Harsányi

I have been playing sports since my childhood, and the love of movement is an important part of my life. I played several sports growing up, such as basketball, football, swimming, triathlon, and I even chess. As a handball player, I participated in two Olympic Games, played several World and European Championships as a Hungarian National Team player, was capped for Hungary for 179 times altogether, and I had the honour of being the team captain of the Hungarian National Team.

As I look back on the decades of my sports career, I feel a sense of completion, although I do believe I could have been even more successful with a better understanding of my own character and abilities. As years went by, I got to know myself more and more, but all these 'late' realisations came at the price of several lost matches and challenges, a number of injuries, spiritual and mental difficulties that came after an unsuccessful period and lost matches. The wholehearted people who always supported me surely would have appreciated being informed about my mental and genetic (physical) characteristics so that they could have provided better guidance during my sports and personal career.

My objective is to give back to the sporting community for the experiences it gave me.

I consider this diversified system—with the help of medical expertise, psychology, and sports science—worth providing coaches, athletes, parents, physical education teachers, clubs and national teams with valuable information. The 'yellow brick road'—just like the 'gold tunnel'—are symbols, in a sense, they are metaphors for self-knowledge. Therefore, by means of this system, we would like to lead the athletes and their supporters to the completer and more appropriate road of self-knowledge to do their very best when facing real challenges.

Péter Nagy

Handball has been an important part of my life for more than 30 years. I played for 18 years as a professional player in the first division, and towards the end of my career, I began coaching as well. I consider myself lucky, as I had the chance to work together with amazing coaches from whom I could learn the important bases and minute details of the profession. I worked both with junior and adult players, and furthermore, with different national teams. During my coaching career, I have achieved a lot of success with my teams: the Hungarian Champion title, several second- and third-place finishes, and many adult second division championship titles. I succeeded in training many good players for the Hungarian Handball Federation, including some adult and junior national team players who frequently play in the national first division and some who play in top leagues abroad. Despite our continued success, I always felt that there was something missing; in other words, I didn't find fulfilment in my work. We worked in vain with my colleagues because there was always a missing link: the comprehensive, detailed, and precise assessment of children that analyses not only their physical health but also their mental and motivational skills and additionally focuses on their development, too. Our diversified system can give full details of the athlete as a whole, thereby making the coaches' job easier. We also provide a detailed overview to parents, who can learn more about their child's skills and hidden possibilities. With the help of the Yellow Road System, I hope to provide the missing link I always craved so we can skilfully and completely guide a young athlete's preparation for their adult career.

Tamás Neukum

I graduated from Eötvös Loránd University as a physical education teacher in 1990, and my life has revolved around sports for more than four decades. Later, I majored in professional coaching at the University of Physical Education, and then I became a master coach. I worked with adults as well as children, and I led national teams as a national coach, both in Hungary and abroad. I hold lectures and trainings under the aegis of the International and European Handball Federations in several parts of the world. Additionally, I spent 20 years in the private sector and the health care system where I gained experience as a marketing and sales manager of multinational companies which, thanks to psychological tests, helped my work mainly in the psychological background of sports. As a coach and a sports director, I realised that the knowledge about theoretical training and sport-specific technical and tactical trainings were no longer adequate regarding the selection of players and maximizing performance. It became evident that besides the methods mentioned above, the tests made by the most modern technologies, assessments, and guidelines are crucial too.