In the case of children and young athletes, the family can be the helping environment which gives them the best base and the biggest support. Besides the genetic factors, members of the family like a parent or an older sibling can be a role model, but at the same time it can cause problems if there are real and perceived or even perceived and exaggerated expectations, or when a child athlete does not have an adequate place in the family.

The RISE system's family analysis consists of evaluations and assessments that are unique worldwide and have been successfully used in the business field and sports life for many years. This analysis is a personality map that examines human relations that have been formed among family members based on their personalities and can show these relations visually. The emphasis is on the personal aspect, so the explication of relations is done in more profound dimensions.

All those decision-making mechanisms that are already well-known from the business field and from sports life—such as motivational factors, sources of conflicts, and willingness to cooperate—need to be evaluated too, as the family's harmony depends on them. The family analysis used by the Yellow Road System contains an in-depth study for all the members of the family one by one and gives expert advice based on the whole family. Hence, its main aim is to facilitate that the family can create such an environment for the child engaged in sports and for itself, where everybody can do its best individually and as a team too, so that success can be sustained for the long term. The tests can identify—among others—the relationship between parents and its impact on the whole family and the child engaged in sports, the different kinds of personalities that the family is composed of and its consequences, the modifying effects on the personality of parents and siblings, the parent-child and sibling-sibling relationship system, the possible personality modifications, and the present sources of conflicts. The system can provide educational and motivational guidelines in order to help to create an ideal background for the child in sports.